About “Bushama” winning the nobel prize


Barack Obama, the Head of a country that occupies two other countries, and have military bases in 13 other countries.. In addition to the political interference in most of the countries all over the world; and that also has a huge prison in Guantánamo disregarding the International constraints (laws), this Obama, has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

One of the silliest rationalizations for awarding the prize was to say yes, Obama has not had the chance yet to "produce peace" in the world. By giving him the award now, this should give him a bigger incentive to redouble his efforts towards that goal

Using this as a template, I can say that I am working to solve the mystery of the origin of the universe. As an incentive to me, I should be given the Nobel Prize in physics and astronomy, as an incentive to me to speed up my research

!Makes sense!



رد واحد to “About “Bushama” winning the nobel prize”

  1. أدون Says:

    makes perfect sense

    But, now really, after Shimon Berez winning nobel prize for peace we should not expect more
    i’m just wondering how Bush managed to skip Nobel prize of dummies lol

    Salam Khaddour

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